Covid 19 and Kings Bounty Equine Practice

Covid 19 & Kings Bounty Equine Practice

As the prevalence of the virus increases in the UK, we want to reassure you that we are taking precautions to ensure that we can continue to be available to look after our equine patients.

So what are we doing?
– We are minimising contact between Janette, Liz and Sara so that if one of us falls ill, the risk of everyone else falling ill at the practice at the same time is minimised. We are working out of our vehicles as normal, but basing ourselves at home, with only skeleton staff at the office.
– Biosecurity is not a new concept for us in the equine industry, as many of you are only too aware, and so we continue to ensure that our biosecurity policies are maintained.
– we have ensured that sufficient veterinary supplies are in stock and have a contingency plan to ensure that that continues.

How can you help us?
-We have been asking clients a few basic questions before visiting to ensure that we are not exposed to unnecessary risk e.g. questions about recent travels; whether you feel unwell; whether you have been in contact with anyone else who is unwell. We are still happy to attend your horse but may have to take some extra measures to safeguard all involved.
– We would also be grateful if the number of personnel “horse side” is minimised where possible – it is difficult to screen unexpected “visitors” before we arrive thus potentially creating unnecessary risk for all.
– If your health status changes AFTER a visit, please let us know.
– If you need to come to the office to eg collect medication, please call ahead so the necessary precautions can be taken.

So for now, it’s “business as usual” with a few sensible precautions. We will of course update you if anything has to change.

Stay safe everyone – we’re here if you need us!