COVID 19 UPDATE 23.03.20

Please share with others who are clients of our practice.

We hope you are all well and enjoying the companionship of your horses while so much else has changed. The first message to say is that we are here and still working to treat your horses when they need us most.

As vets, our jobs have always been about protecting animal health and welfare, but each day we have seen new and essential guidance from the government. We now find ourselves in a position where it also our duty to do everything we can to protect human health, particularly those in our community who are most at risk.

Because of this, we have reached the decision to stop non-essential work. We will be cancelling our routine appointments, allowing us to focus on the animals who need our help the most while limiting the movement of individuals and potential spread of COVID-19. This morning we will be contacting everyone with appointments booked this week. We expect our phone to be very busy so please wait for us to contact you.

We also ask that if one of our vets comes to visit your horse, please maintain excellent social distancing and we will work to do the same.

Your horse’s welfare is very important to us, as is the health of everyone in our community. If you are concerned about your horse’s health in any way, please phone our office in the first instance, and we will be very happy to help as always.