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Joint Supplements

1) JOINT SUPPLEMENT – A daily feed supplement of pure glucosamine for the nutritional maintenance of Joint Supplementhealthy cartilage and joints. Performance horses are predisposed to lesions of the articular cartilage due to increased wear and tear on their joints. Once the cartilage tissue has been compromised it can lead to serious problems such as degenerative joint disease.

Research has shown that the addition of glucosamine in the diet can significantly improve osteoarthritic conditions in human and animal subjects because it stimulates cartilage regeneration.

Our joint supplement provides a concentrated form of Glucosamine hydrochloride- over 99% pure (laboratory tested), the most concentrated formulation available.

£110.60 (2.5Kg tub lasts approximately 5 months) = £0.44- £0.66/day (VAT free)


2) JOINT SUPPLEMENT ELITE – A daily feed supplement  of a combination of products for the nutritional maintenance of healthy cartilage in the joints of horses in training and competition work.

This supplement differs from our original joint supplement because it contains other beneficial ingredients alongside the concentrated form of Glucosamine hydrochloride (99% pure) as seen in our original joint supplement.  The other ingredients include Boswelia Serrata, a readily available herb with anti-inflammatory properties and Chondroitin Sulphate, Hyaluronic Acid and MSM – ingredients that are reported to have chondroprotective effects. The combination of these ingredients reportedly provides increased anti-inflammatory effects and chondroprotective effects compared to glucosamine alone.

The joint supplement elite is highly concentrated and can last up to 365 days depending on the size of your horse/ pony and level of activity they do.

£279.01 (2.75Kg tub lasts 365 days at maintenance dose of 7.5g/day) = £0.76/day (VAT free)

Advanced Gastric Supplement

A nutritional supplement for the daily feeding to horses prone to gastric disturbances. The supplement provides a unique formulation designed to neutralise stomach acid, promote intestinal efficiency and produce defensive gels within the stomach that act as a barrier to help prevent ulceration.

Results of a scientific study showed significant improvement in gastric ulceration in horses after 6 weeks of daily feeding of the gastric supplement.

£102.71 (3Kg tub lasts 30 days) = £3.42/day (VAT free)

Hoof Supplement

A complete hoof supplement designed to improve hoof qualityHoof Supplement and rate of growth. Containing high levels of biotin, calcium, zinc, methionine, bio-available sulphur and amino acids, the supplement has been specially formulated to promote the synthesis of keratin sulphate, the main structural component in the hoof horn. The supplement will help to control and correct hoof abnormalities in all layers of the hoof wall.

£85.82 (1kg tub lasts 50 days) = £1.72/day (VAT free)

£187.63 (3Kg tub lasts 150 days) = £1.25/day (VAT free)


ProbioticA nutritional supplement designed to promote digestive and gastric health. It supplements vitamins and other nutrients to improve the horse’s intestinal microbial balance.

Indications for use include:

  • During and after antibiotic treatment
  • During digestive disorders and incidence of diarrhoea
  • Following de-worming
  • During times of stress

£42.57 (750g tub lasts 75 days or 37 days in times of stress) = £0.57/day or £1.15/day at higher dose rate (VAT free)


This product is designed for use where there is an increased demand on the horse’s metabolic requirements. Haemotonic provides the optimum supplemental level Haemotonic 2of the trace elements, iron and a concentrated level of the B complex vitamins. Performance horses often require dietary supplementation due to the high metabolic demands resulting from intensive exercise. Haemotonic provides the nutrients required to ensure their full athletic potential can be achieved.

£37.27 (1.2L bottle lasts 20 days) = £1.86/day (VAT free)

Veterinary Myomass-E

Containing a high concentration of amino acids derived mainly from pea protein and the antioxidant Vitamin E, this muscle supplement is an aid in the development and maintenance of lean muscle mass in horses. Other reported benefits include improved overall appearance and physical well being, improved strength and maximum muscular development in young stock. The supplement can be used in a wide range of situations, whether for maintenance of normal muscle mass, during periods of pre-training, during rehabilitation or during intensive training or competition.

The supplement comes in a 2-month supply and does not test under competition rules.

£104.59 (3Kg tub lasts 60 days) = £1.74/day (VAT free) 
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Veterinary Liver Aid

Veterinary Liver Aid is formulated to help support healthy liver function. The liver has many functions including the metabolism of nutrients and drugs. Veterinary Liver Aid contains essential B-vitamins, B1, B2, B6 and B12 and Vitamin E along with Milk Thistle, all of which help support the liver’s many functions. Veterinary Liver Aid is useful for any horse or pony that is suffering from a hepatic insult, is recovering from one or has a history of liver issues.

£76.77 (1L lasts 16 days) = £4.60/day (VAT free) 

Veterinary Multivitamin

Provides a supplementary source of vitamins and trace elements. It is particularly good for horses at pasture, those on restricted diets or as a nutritional adjunct to horses recovering from illness.

£61.26 (3Kg tub lasts 60 days) = £1.02/day (VAT free) 

Veterinary Calmer

A unique special formulation which assists the maintenance of the nervous system. Contains L-Tryptophan and Magnesium – effectively doubling the response rate. It also contains the live yeast Saccharomyces Cerevisiae which enhances the digesting bacteria in the large intestine which in turn supports the maintenance of a normal pH within the hindgut. Supports the general health and wellbeing of the horse. The supplement does not test and is safe to compete on.

£56.13 (750g tub lasts 30 days or 60 days (half dose) = £0.94 – £1.87/day (VAT free) 

Vitamin E- Dura-E Natural

A liquid solution of natural Vitamin E (RRR-alpha-tocopherol) designed to enhance optimal absorption, ensuring effective vitamin E support. Vitamin E is a fat soluble vitamin that acts as a scavenger of free radicals, has anti-oxidant effects and supports optimal muscular and neurological health. For use in treatment of myopathies and muscle disease. It is also very beneficial to young/ rapidly growing foals, pregnant mares and stallions along with those that have limited/ no access to lush pasture or those with liver disease.

£119.99 (1L bottle lasts up to 100 days) = £1.20/day (VAT free)  


Bozmerix is a revolutionary supplement designed to support the horses’ natural anti-oxidant systems and help with the maintenance of normal joint and muscular functions. Older horses or horses that are stiff may find it particularly useful when added daily to their feed. It can also be used during periods of rehabilitation and during periods of intense training and competition where pharmaceutical drugs cannot be used due to drug testing reasons.
Pharmaceutical drugs used to alleviate orthopaedic pain such as NSAIDs e.g. Bute carry side effects and are not ‘kind to the gut’. Bozmerix contains 4 key ingredients with no sugars or fillers and no prohibited substances. It is kinder on the gut and can be used for horses on a low sugar diet and those competing. The 4 key ingredients include:
1. Curcuma Longa: Curcumin is derived from Turmeric and has well documented anti-oxidant properties. Unfortunately, turmeric has a very low concentration of Curcumin (3%) so a vast amount needs to be given to provide any kind of benefit. Curcuma Longa has a guaranteed minimum Curcumin concentration of 13.5% and it’s formulation has shown to have a much higher bioavailability compared to a standardised unformulated Curcumin extract on the market.
2. Avocado/ Soybean unsaponifiable (ASU): Studies have shown that supplementation with ASU has chondroprotective properties (maintain normal cartilage health).
3. Omega Powder Concentrate (high in EPA and DHA): Help maintain the structural integrity of cell membranes and provide support for the maintenance of beneficial eicosanoids.
4. Boswellia: This natural product has reported anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory properties which appear to be synergistic with Curcumin when fed together.

Bozmerix can be fed as a long term supportive supplement (one sachet a day) or the dose can be increased to two sachets a day during times of intense work/ post surgery etc.

£108.74 (60 sachets lasts 60 days @maintenance dose) = £1.81/day